Shirin Mohammad

Germany, Berlin

Shirin Mohammad (born 1992 in Tehran, Iran) is currently living and working between Berlin and Tehran. Mohammad’s interdisciplinary practice lies at the intersection of archival research, filmmaking, and installation art. Drawing on the formats of both documentary and fiction, she often deploys an unscripted approach to found or fabricated narratives that evolve into unprecedented constellations of historical events. With a particular focus on the sociopolitical history of Iran, she creates media ecologies that incorporate geographies of displacement as a means to look into the past as perhaps dead yet radiating stars in the dark sky of the present. Mohammad holds a B.A. in Cinema from Sooreh Art University, Tehran and continued her studies of Fine Art at Hochschule der Künste Bremen. Her most recent solo show Shirin Mohammad: rebellion of the slogans is currently on view at Künstlerhaus Bremen.


Benda Strasse 11M
12051 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)178 90 52 116