Fri 08 Dec. ’23
Emkan Gallery
Shape of Absence
On view until December 8: Eminent Iranian artist Shahla Hossein's fourth solo exhibition at Emkan Gallery in Tehran.
Mon 11 Dec. ’23
O Gallery
Fragments II
On view until December 11: Fragments II is the second solo exhibition by Farzad Majidi (born 1986), who continues his exploration of space and place through collage-like paintings. The artist combines visual and textual fragments from various sources, such as the internet, art history, memory and personal objects, to create spaces or scenes that emerge from experimentation and improvisation. The paintings are not meant to be realistic or coherent, but rather to reflect the artist’s subjective and multifaceted perception of reality.
Bavan Gallery
Broken Mirrors
On view until December 11: Broken Mirrors is a series of artworks by Adena Mirzakhanian, who explores the themes of identity, memory, and trauma. The artworks consist of fragmented mirrors that reflect the distorted images of the artist and the viewers, creating a sense of disorientation and alienation. Mirzakhanian uses the mirrors as a metaphor for the shattered self, the loss of coherence, and the difficulty of reconstruction. The artworks also challenge the notions of beauty, authenticity, and representation, as the mirrors reveal the imperfections and contradictions of the human condition.
Fri 15 Dec. ’23
Hoor Art Gallery
Painting exhibition
On view until December 15: Farokh Abolghasem is a contemporary Iranian painter who explores the themes of identity, memory, and nostalgia in his works. His paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, expressive brushstrokes, and collage elements that create a sense of depth and dynamism. Abolghasem presents a series of new paintings that reflect his personal and artistic journey, as well as his connection to his homeland and its culture.
Thu 21 Dec. ’23
Dima Residency
Dima Sara/Gilan
12th Persbook Annual of Contemporary Art
On view and running until December 21: The 12th edition of Persbook Annual of Contemporary Art departs from "Body-Weaving" as its leading topic to explore and discuss connections and connectivity between art, artists, and society, as well as art's and the artists' ecologies. Based on the studies of Canadian ecologist Suzanne Simard, who researches the social life of trees and the forest, artists, researchers, and activists deal with the topics "Rootage" and "Broad Body" in workshops, discussions, and site-specific exhibitions. Persbooks's 12th Annual of Contemporary art takes place in the middle of nature at an art residency space in Gilan province, north of Iran. Concept and curation by Neda Darzi and Reza Monjezi.
Fri 22 Dec. ’23
Espace Matisse
On view until December 22: As part of the 20th Photaumnales festival, held by Diaphane institute, and curated by Behzad Nejadghanbar and Emmanuelle Halkin, the exhibition presents five photographic approaches from the contemporary art scene in Iran. The works of the artists Ghazaleh Hedayat, Nooshin Shafiee, Mazdak Ayari, Mohsen Shahmardi, and Pouya Parsamagham were brought together to highlight certain current trends in Iranian photography. This collection of varied but complementary works introduces the richness of visual art in Iran and its specific characteristics resulting from the country's social and political context.
Sun 24 Dec. ’23
Hasht Cheshmeh Art Space
On view until December 24: Sokut is an exhibition by Iranian artist Bizhan Bassiri. The exhibition showcases Bassiri’s sculptures, installations, and drawings that explore the concept of the Magmatic Thought, a poetic and philosophical manifesto that he created in 1990. Bassiri’s works are inspired by the cosmic energy of the volcanic eruption, the metamorphosis of matter, and the interplay of different artistic languages.
Fri 05 Jan. ’24
Green Art Gallery
Weight To The Ground
On view until January 5: An exhibition called Give Your Weight To The Ground, featuring works by Emirati artist Afra Al Dhaheri at the Green Art Gallery in Dubai, UAE. The exhibition runs from November 14, 2023 to January 5, 2024. The exhibition explores the relationship between the body and the earth, and the ways in which we can reconnect with our natural environment through physical and emotional engagement.
The Third Line Gallery
On view until January 5: Duality is an exhibition that showcases the artistic collaboration and friendship of Nima Nabavi and Jason Seife, who share a common vision of colour, shape, and line. The exhibition features pairs of works that are similar in size and geometry, but differ in style and expression. The works are not exact replicas, but rather reflections of each other, revealing the individuality and diversity of the artists. The works are also named with palindromes, words that can be read the same way backwards and forwards, to emphasize the theme of duality and perspective.
Sat 23 Mar. ’24
Art Jameel
Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection
On view until March 23: Fereydoun Ave, an artist, curator, designer, and collector, has spent the past five decades assembling a unique collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art that reflects his personal history, friendship, sensibility, and circumstance.