Cyrill Harnischmacher

Germany, Reutlingen

Cyrill Harnischmacher, born in 1963, studied Fine Art and works as a graphic designer and author of specialist books in Reutlingen. In addition to his own book projects, he also writes as an author on digital photography and image processing for various German and international specialist journals. His books have so far been translated into English, French, Spanish, Polish and Chinese. Four of the books he has published to date have been awarded the Selection Title German Photo Book Prize.

About the book:
In this DIY guide for photographers, Cyrill Harnischmacher demonstrates how you can build your own cameras and adapt lenses with simple means and materials that can be found in any hardware store. It shows how digital and analog photography can be creatively combined and how photography is no longer reduced to fractions of a second. Important aspects of the projects presented are the slowed down use of analog technology, the fun of tinkering and working and the enjoyable examination of the photographic motif.

Book title: Heimwerken in der Fotografie
Photographer: Cyrill Harnischmacher
Text author: Cyrill Harnischmacher
Publisher: dpunkt.verlag GMBH
20 × 25 cm, 252 pages
EUR 34.90


Enge Straße 4
72764 Reutlingen
Phone: 07121 929214
Heimwerken in der Fotografie; Cyrill Harnischmacher - Cover