Cyrille Weiner


Cyrille Weiner was born in 1976 and trained at the Ecole nationale supérieure Louis Lumière. His work has been published by numerous international magazines and exhibited at MAC Lyon, at the Rencontres d’Arles, the laurent mueller gallery in Paris and at the Villa Noailles in Hyères. He was the laureate of the Prix Lucien Hervé and Rudolf Hervé in 2012 and the author of Presque île (2009) and Twice (2015). Cyrille Weiner recurrently poses the question of space, and how individuals appropriate themselves to their living spaces, distanced from directives coming from “on high.” Progressively leaving the documentary register, he proposes a universe crossed by fiction, that he establishes with exhibitions, editorial projects and installations.

About the book:
This richly illustrated book is a monument to modern urban construction in Naples. It features some fifty new photos by celebrated French photographer Cyrille Weiner as well as historic images and drawings of important architectonic details, and an atlas of eighteen significant buildings dating from 1930–1960. It reveals how this southern Italian metropolis developed its own form of modernism, one that combined Mediterranean culture with local materials and a strong internationalist spirit. The topical essays and concise descriptions of the documented buildings, together with the lavish illustrations make for an attractive and lively portrait of Naples.

Photographer: Cyrill Weiner
Text author: Gianluigi Freda, Abdrea Maglio, Umberto Napolitano, Manuel Orazi
Publisher: Park Book
24 × 30 cm, 232 pages
90 color illustrations and 140 floor and site plans, sections, and elevations
1st edition, 2020
EUR 48.00


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Cyrill Weiner, Napoli Super Modern
NAPOLI SUPER MODERN; Cyrill Weiner - Cover