Tomoko Kawai

Germany, Berlin

Tomoko Kawai is a Japanese artist based in Berlin, Germany. Kawai explores human nature through photographic acts, interdisciplinary activities, and fieldwork in urban and natural environments. She traces the invisible structure in society and the laws of nature through an ecological perspective and physical approach, she seeks a new role for humans as members of the natural world.
She completed her study at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA and was a grant recipient for the Japanese Government Overseas Research Program for Artists (Agency for Cultural Affairs, Berlin, 2016-17).

About the book:
In Tomoko Kawai’s series of photographs, “Intimacy of Paradise”, she unleashes the modern illusion of animality, and as she captures zoos and environments in which animals and plants are staged, she brings us to the thresholds of this illusion. These photographs are a disconnection from animals and nature that arises from a human-centered approach. In the contradictory human ambivalence, Kawai is searching for a way to reconnect with the natural world.

Book title: Intimacy of Paradise
Photographers: Tomoko Kawai
Design: Florian Lamm, Lamm & Kirch, Berlin / Leipzig
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst – VfmK
30 × 24 cm, 50 pages
30 illustrations in color
September 2021
EUR 30.50


Phone: 030 91461867
Tomoko Kawai, Intimacy of Paradise-Cover
Intimacy of Paradise; Tomoko Kawai - Cover