Tamara Eckhardt

Germany, Berlin

Tamara Eckhardt is a portrait and documentary photographer living and working in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the renowned Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in 2021. Her photographic works focus on marginalized social groups and minorities – she is particularly interested in people on the threshold of growing up.

About the book:
St Mary’s Park on King’s Island in Limerick was built in the 1930’s as the city’s first social housing estate. It was established to accommodate families who lived in overcrowded, poor-quality housing. Today it is one of the most socially deprived areas in Ireland, it suffers from high levels of unemployment, addiction, and social problems. Nevertheless, it has a strong community spirit, is fiercely loyal, defensive, and suspicious of outsiders.
Tamara Eckhardt portrays the lives of the young people of St Mary’s Park, continuing her focus on the theme of childhood and growing up. The living conditions in the area are difficult; yet the young people develop coping skills, adapt, and find ways to divert themselves. Eckhardt has revisited the estate over a two-year period becoming more familiar with the community. She has spent so much time with the young people that they have come to trust in her and her camera.

Book title: Youth of the Island Field
Photographer: Tamara Eckhardt
Text author: Katie Verling
Design: Studio Lindhorst Emme, Berlin
Editing: Gillian Verling
Publisher: Self Published


Köpenicker Straße 154
10997 Berlin
Phone: +49 176 55443722
Tamara Eckhardt, Youth of the Island Field
Youth of the Island Field; Tamara Eckhardt - Cover