Sahar Samadian

Iran, Tehran

Sahar Samadian (born 1978) lives and works in Tehran. As an independent art critic, researcher, and curator, she writes on contemporary art and visual culture. She studied Contemporary Art and New Media at Saint Denis University of Paris 8 and has been teaching theoretical courses in Contemporary Art Studies, History of Art, and Architecture at Tehran University of Arts, as well as various at private art institutions. During her tenure at the Research Center of TMoCA in the early 2000s, Samadian embarked on several major projects and wrote essays and critiques on numerous artists and exhibitions. Her interests lie in twentieth and twenty-first-century art, with a particular focus on analytical comparative approaches to art history. Her main areas of concern include gender/less-ness (as she refers to it), body, and death in the context of contemporary art and societies. Samadian participated in many international talks and curated a number of exhibitions including Voyageography in Austria and Iran (2021-2022).