Salah Hitani Museum

Iraq, Karbala

Founded In 2018, by Iraqi poet and artist Salah Hitani in Karbala, Salah Hitani Museum displays a large collection of sculptures and plastic artworks by Iraqi and international artists. His collection is one of the largest and most diversified private collections in Iraq.
The museum is a non-profit institution which aims to open a window on the art world that had an impact on art history, and to look at the potential of artists and what they created and left for human heritage.
The museum documents Iraqi artistic heritage with its galleries including artworks from the beginning of the plastic movement at the end of the nineteenth century in Iraq until the present time. The museum, which witnesses continuous artistic displays, also aims to expand the aesthetic circle, and the circle of art taste, in a society that is constantly witnessing crises, conflicts and recurrence of the consumer and the non- aesthetic.


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Phone: +964 770 9879995