Saarländische Galerie

Germany, Berlin

The Saarländische Galerie is a volunteer-run association dedicated to presenting and promoting art and culture from the Saarland in Berlin. Politically independent, non-profit, and selflessly active, the gallery aims to provide a platform for artists from the Saarland and partner regions to showcase their work in Berlin’s vibrant art scene. Committed to cross-border cultural exchange, the gallery collaborates with partners from France, Germany, and the Czech Republic, creating a structural model of European art exchange with Berlin as a creative hub. Since its inception in September 2004, the gallery has exhibited works by artists from the Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and, of course, Saarland and Berlin, combining civic commitment with a European vision of cultural federalism.


Charlottenstraße 3
10969 Berlin
Phone: 0160 96281473