Raha Faridi

Germany, Berlin

Raha Faridi (born 1980) is an Iranian experimental artist, independent filmmaker, radio producer, music explorer and storyteller who is based in Berlin since 2022. She’s been producing audio-visuals independently as a solo artist since 2000. She has worked on a variety of subjects, including anthropology, music, gender equality, environment, arts, and culture. She has cooperated with BBC-World service to produce radio features on the underground music scene in Iran and, notably, a series on HIV/Aids in Iran. From 2009, she worked on her documentary Chicheka Lullaby about the life and work of South Iranian musician Ebrahim Monsefi. Faridi is a light traveler and expresses her stories with simple and portable equipment. In her interdisciplinary work she processes urban and intellectual themes in a serious yet playful manner.