Mehraneh Atashi

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Mehraneh Atashi (born 1980), having trained as a photographer in Tehran, describes their work as an investigation of the relationships between the time of the self and the time of the world. Within this becoming universe, the history of violence is a (back)ground upon which Atashi tunes liminal resonances: the capacity to feel like oneself while being many; the ability to stand in the spaces between different realities without losing sight of fact itself; the possibility of establishing intermediate spaces between the internal and external, the self and the other. Through a variety of artistic possibilities, they excavate memories using archives and document the self in images, performances, installations, publications, and curatorial practices. Atashi’s recent exhibitions include Simurgh, Gallery Crone, Berlin, 2023; Stories of Belonging, DeAppel, Amsterdam, 2022; and Is It Possible to Be a Revolutionary and Like Flowers?, Nest, The Hague, 2021.