Kerstin Flake


Kerstin Flake was Born in 1967 in Karlsruhe and grew up in South Hesse. After studying theatre, film and media science for four years at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, she transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB) in 1997. There she studied in the “Photography and Media” class with Professor Joachim Brohm, graduating with a diploma in Fine Arts in 2003.

About the book:
In Kerstin Flake’s “Bent Angles” the artist skilfully arranges objects in certain settings in which they speak for themselves. She builds her images within the space before she translates the meticulously staged installations into photography. The catalogue comprises of four extensive series from nine years that document the further development of Flake’s longstanding and consistent practice.
The “bent angles” in the title reflect the absurd and the slightly bent reality that the viewer comes across in the many details of the photographs.

Book title: BENT ANGLES
Photographer: Kerstin Flake
Text author: Barbara Steiner and Tanja Milewsky
Design: Andrej Loll
Publisher: Lubok verlag
22 × 28,5 cm, 104 pages
52 colour illustrations in offset print
June 2021
German & English
EUR 28.00


Kerstin Flake, Bent Angles
BENT ANGLES; Kerstin Flake - Cover