Anton Roland Laub

Germany, Berlin

Anton Roland Laub is a Romanian artist, living and working in Berlin. He received an MA degree from the Weißensee Art Academy in Berlin in the class of Andreas Siekmann and Alice Creischer. Prior to that he completed his studies at the New School for Photography, Berlin, and graduated from the media and communication science department at the University of Bucharest.
In his research based artistic practice, Laub engages with subversive approaches in decoding reality constructions, proxy strategies and phantoms of power.

About the book:
At the end of 2019, 30 years after the system change, an EU resolution was passed calling on the Romanian state to officially process the past events. While the overthrow of other communist dictatorships in 1989 was mostly peaceful, Romania’s revolution ended in bloodbath.
Through rapid visual choreography, artist and photographer Anton Roland Laub recounts the fall of Romanian dictator Ceaușescu, and his execution after his arrest on Christmas Day 1989. The place of execution in Târgoviște, the private house of the Ceaușescus in Bucharest as well as the never inaugurated ruler’s palace are today open to the public. They are “traumatized” places, silent witnesses of an undead past. Parallel to this, Laub follows the story of a typewriter in front of a green- screen, a symbol of the draconian control over the written word and the surveillance of system criticism.

Book title: LAST CHRISTMAS (of Ceausescu)
Photographer: Anton Roland Laub
Text author: Frizzi Krella, Lotte Laub
Design: Kehrer Design (July Mollik)
Editing: Frizzi Krella
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag
16,5 × 22,5 cm, 144 pages
60 color and 3 b/w illustrations
German & English
Hardcover with synthetic leather
EUR 29.00


Anton Roland Laub, Last Christmas (of Ceausescu)
LAST CHRISTMAS (of Ceausescu); Anton Roland Laub - Cover