Arash Hanaei

France, Paris

Arash Hanaei was born 1978 in Tehran and lives and works in Paris. After studying photography at the University of Tehran, he developed a practice that combines various media and digital technologies. From 2008, he produced the Capital series, a sequential autopsy of the city of Tehran, questioning the transformations of public space in the post-war period. Since 2014, when he moved to Paris, his work has gradually evolved, moving from the form of documentary and photographic practices to a more speculative and intermedia approach with post-internet strategies in times of crisis. Challenging the notions of utopia expressed in experimental urbanism, the scenes he creates are at once formally intriguing, dreamlike, and unsettling. Hanaei’s work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions, including Rencontres d’Arles 2022, Ab-Abnar Gallery in London, LudLow38 Gallery, the Goethe Institute in New York, and the Yassi Foundation in Tehran.