Stefan Weger

Germany, Berlin

Stefan Weger is a Berlin-based documentary photographer and photojournalist working for Der Tagesspiegel. He studied social sciences, economics and politics in Oldenburg, Växjö and Bremen and photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. His personal projects focus on social and political issues through a subjective-documentary approach and research-based photography.

About the book:
In Fałków, April 1941, a young Pole was deported to Bremen for forced labour. He stayed on the farm for just ten days before the farmer’s wife had him picked up by the Gestapo and taken to Neuengamme concentration camp.
Photographer Stefan Weger has been dealing with this story, which is linked to his own family history, since 2018. In his project “Luise. Archeology of an injustice” Weger gives an insight into the story of Walerian, the farmer’s daughter Luise, and his great-grandmother, who tragically contributed to the fate of the underage forced labourer. Through his research-based photography approach, he looks for new answers to the questions of guilt and responsibility as well as contemporary forms of remembering the injustice of National Socialism. By dealing with historical material, both from state and private archives, and the dilapidated farm, he begins to come to terms with National Socialism based on his own family history.

Book title: Luise. Archäologie eines Unrechts
Photographer: Stefan Weger
Text author: Stefan Weger
Photo Editing: Julia Brigasky
Design: Lisa Drechsel, Julia Schneider
Publisher: Self Published
27.5 × 22 cm


Anzengruberstr. 11
12043 Berlin
Stefan Weger, Luise Archäologie; eines Unrechts
Luise. Archäologie eines Unrechts; Stefan Weger - Cover