Art Dealer

Outsider Inn Gallery

Iran, Tehran

Outsider Inn Gallery opened in Tehran in 2017, focusing on non-mainstream art (outsider art, art brut) in Iran. It is undoubtedly the only gallery in the Middle East that focuses solely on this artistic trend. The concept and policy of the gallery is to discover, present and introduce the works of people who have not been trained in art at any level and who only create works of art according to their personal needs and necessities, their treatment and healing. Introducing and recognizing artists whose works are not always recognized by academies, institutions, museums, and the art market, is Outsider Inn Gallery’s objective. Founders Morteza Zahedi and Sarvenaz Farsian try to introduce and explain the art that can be best defined as non-mainstream. They discover and identify artists, present their works and give them material and spiritual support.


No 11, Farokhi st., Valiasr St.