National Museum of Modern Art (Gulbenkian Hall)

Iraq, Baghdad

National Museum of Modern Art (Gulbenkian Hall) designed by Jorge Sotto-Mayor d’Almeida and now bearing the name of its benefactor, the ‘Gulbenkian Hall’ was opened in 1962 as the National Museum of Modern Art.
In 1986 the museum was relocated, along with the bulk of its collection, to the newly opened Baghdad Arts Centre (called Saddam Arts Centre). Gulbankian Hall continued to be used as an exhibition hall until its closure in 2003. The building was reopened in 2014 after major restoration with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation and is now maintained by the Ministry of Culture, Plastic Art Department. The museum is no longer active or in use but is available to book for exhibitions or other events.


near Teyeran Square, Rusafa Baghdad