Majid Akhgar

Iran, Tehran

Majid Akhgar is an established Iranian critic, writer and translator born in 1975 in Kermanshah, Iran. He holds a B.A. in Dramatic Literature and a M.A. in Cinema Studies from Tehran University of Art. He is currently a PhD student of Social & Political Thought at York University, Toronto. During the last two decades, he published numerous essays on art theory, art history, and aesthetics mainly in Farsi. Among his publications are کتاب بازیابی امر محسوس، هفت گفتار در زیبایی‌شناس (The retrieval of the sensible: seven essays on aesthetics, Bidgol, 2016) and فاني و باقي: درآمدي انتقادي بر مطالعه‌ي نقاشي ايراني (The transient and the lasting: a critical introduction to Iranian painting, Herfeh: Honarmand, 2012). He translated numerous books from English into Farsi including, Susan Sontag`s On Photography (Bidgol, 2014). Akhgar has been a co-editor of the renowned Iranian art quarterly Herfeh:Honarmand from 2007 until today.