Jinoos Taghizadeh

Canada, Toronto

Jinoos Taghizadeh (born 1971) began experimenting with performance, installation, and video art in the early 2000s and can be considered one of the pioneers of a new art in Iran. To this day, she continues to search for approaches in her art with which she can adequately process questions about the concern and meaning of art and the way in which it conveys itself to people. Spanning various artistic media, her critical works often include historical political events which she processes in the current context. Taghizadeh has been an active member in the art scene in Tehran and Iran not only as an artist but also as a writer and editor. Further, she has been engaging in political, social, and environmental activism and organized projects at the interface between activism and art. Her work has been shown widely in Iran and internationally. She had to emigrate to Canada at the end of 2022.


Phone: +98 9123374983 / +1 437 2993735