Jana Kießer

Germany, Berlin

Jana Kießer studied at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. She lives and works as a freelance photographer in Berlin and Nürnberg.
In her work, she deals with sexualised violence and abuse of power. She reworks experiences and transfers feelings into symbolic photographs. In addition to associative and emotionally loaded images, text plays an essential role in her works – with the text layer she introduces the observers of her photographic images into verbal life realities.
She has exhibited both nationally and internationally including solo shows at Maison de Heidelberg – Montpellier, Âme Nue – Hamburg and Kulturwerkstatt auf AEG – Nürnberg.

About the book:
The series “Von Kartoffelrosen und brennenden Baumkronen” (Of potato roses and burning treetops), by Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer, reflects the changes to everyday life during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based 800km apart – Annemie spent much of the period on an island in Lake Constance, whilst Jana was in Berlin. The two photographers conducted their dialogue through photographs, personal texts, notes, thoughts, memories and dreams between March 2020 and May 2021.
The book also contains space for the readers to make their own notes and reflect on their own experiences of the pandemic.
In November 2021, the book was awarded bronze by the German Photobook Prize.

Book title: Von Kartoffelrosen und brennenden Baumkronen
Photographers: Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer
Publisher: SHIFT BOOKS
14 × 21 cm, 196 pages
94 illustrations
EUR 28.00


Lichtungsweg 17
13465 Berlin
Phone: +49 162 2644468
Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer, Von-Kartoffelrosen und brennenden Baumkronen
Von Kartoffelrosen und brennenden Baumkronen; Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer - Cover
Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer, “About our Project Von Kartoffelrosen und brennenden Baumkronen,” video statement
Annemie Martin and Jana Kießer, “About Making the Book,” video statement