House of Steve

Iran, Kashan

This house’s story begins with Mr. Hossein Farmani’s visit to Iran after he had been away for 40 years. Mr. Farmani is a well-known Iranian gallery owner and collector as well as the founder of prestigious photography awards such as the Lucie Awards, the International Photography Awards (IPA), and the Paris Photo Prize. After visiting the city of Kashan, he became fascinated by the amazing architecture of the houses there. Thanks to his experience working as an art director and gallerist, Mr. Farmani has long-standing friendships with some of the world’s greatest photographers, including Steve McCurry, who inspired him to build the House of Steve, a private museum dedicated to Steve McCurry’s photography.


Beside of Jame Mosque Daghighi St, BabaAfzal St.
Phone: +98 315 5453563