Hans Georg Esch

Germany, Hennef

Hans Georg Esch was born in Neuwied in 1964, completed a classical training in photography and is active as an architectural photographer and filmmaker since 1989. Today he is one of the most important interpreters of the latest architecture and avant-garde design worldwide. In addition, he has developed a number of artistic concepts resulting in a large series of images and books. In addition, he stages panoramas of cities and landscapes as wall-sized images or as walk-in rotundas set up in public places. Esch lives and works in Hennef / Stadt Blankenberg.

About the book:
Hans Georg Esch initially worked with Polaroid as a test material. As the polaroid image had almost the same dimensions as the film in large format photography, it was possible to test whether the lighting was good, whether grayscale and gradation scale were evenly and reproducibly distributed over the surface and whether the composition was suitable for printing on paper. Esch collected these as studies, valuing their own unique quality.
The range of subjects and places in his Polaroids spans the history of architecture, from church buildings in Cologne to the Petrona twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, from airports in Asia to the clay city of Shibam in Yemen. By 2005, Polaroid’s history was over, and as was its use by Esch. The book shows a piece of the history of photography and architecture.

Book title: Polaroid Images by Hans Georg Esch
Photographer: Hans Georg Esch
Text author: Peter Pfrunder, Katharina Rippstein, Patricia Banzer and Muriel Willi
Design: Richard Reisen, Sector Photography
Publisher: Lecturis
14.8 × 19 cm, 144 pages
German & English
EUR 25.00


Attenberger Strasse 1
53773 Hennef
Phone: 02248 445507
Polaroid Images by Hans Georg Esch - Cover
Hans Georg Esch, “About my Project Polaroid Images by Hans Georg Esch,” video statement
Hans Georg Esch, “About Making the Book,” video statement