Art Dealer

Gozaar Gallery

Iran, Isfahan

Established on June 22, 2018, Gozaar Gallery’s goal has always been to preserve the memory of the artistic contributions made by each artist the gallery represents. What defines the artists as a group is that each, independently, has the freedom to choose which mediums they work with and are encouraged to question what role art plays in the contemporary social-political, and/or cultural arena.
Thus, the gallery’s responsibility is threefold: to commit to the long-term development of each artist’s career, acting as a liaison to international galleries and museums as well as including works in collections; to create a historical archive for each artist; and to provide an accessible public space in which the exhibitions become exemplary of the power of subjectivity to the audience at large.


No. 15, Sangtrash Qarbi, Hakim Nezami St.
Phone: +98 31 36244797