Art Dealer

Choom Gallery

Iran, Bandar-e Anzali

Choom Gallery, established May 25, 2020, marks a significant milestone in the art scene, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jalil Ziapour (1920, Bandar Anzali, 1997, Tehran) – widely regarded as the father of modern painting and a pioneering figure in art criticism in Iran. This gallery aims to establish a dynamic exchange between artists and art enthusiasts in Gilan, as well as engage with the vibrant art community in the capital and across the nation. By showcasing high-quality works from contemporary modern artists, Choom Gallery provides a platform for dialogue. Moreover, it offers opportunities for discovery and recognition of young artists.


NO. 64, Mazloum St.
43146-57135 Bandar-e Anzali
Phone: +98 13 44549757