Anne Schönharting

Germany, Berlin

Anne Schönharting, born in 1973 in Meissen, dedicates herself to a wide variety of topics and moves between genres, such as Portrait, Artistic Documentary Photography, Fashion and Social Study.
Living and working in Berlin, Schönharting follows her own practice as well as working for renowned clients like KfW-Bank, Brioni, Brand Eins, Geo or Zeit and has received several awards. She is a member and co-managing director of the OSTKREUZ agency since 2019 and has been a visiting professor at the Bauhaus University Weimar since 2020.

About the book:
From 1907 to 1914 Anne Schönharting’s grandfather, Willy Klare, worked for a Liverpool-based trader as a cacao plantation manager in what is now Equatorial Guinea. There he collected many objects including weapons, everyday objects, animal preparations, jewelry, photographs, letters, and postcards. For four generations the family kept this collection, continually rearranging it in their living space and adding their own travel souvenirs to it.
After the death of her parents, the photographer was personally confronted with this legacy. With her own pictures and reproductions of the inherited artifacts and photographs, Schönharting embarks on an associative journey into a history unknown to her and consciously enters into a personal dialogue with her family’s past, with German and European history, and with her own private and social colonial responsibility.

Book title: Das Erbe
Photographer: Anne Schönharting
Text author: Dr. Johannes Odenthal, Prof.Dr. Albert Gouaffo, Natascha Roshani, Oliver Gehrs, Willy Klare, Hans Paasche
Design: Kollektiv Scrollan, Berlin
Editing: Natascha Roshani, Oliver Gehrs, Dummy Magazin, Berlin
Publisher: Hartmann Books
19,5 × 24,2 cm, 154 pages
94 illustrations
German & English
Hardcover with foil-stamping, enclosed postcard, various foldouts
EUR 38.00


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13187 Berlin
Phone: 030 49001666
Das Erbe; Anne Schönharting - Cover