Anja Engelke


Anja Engelke (born 1983) is a German photographer living and working in Bremen. She studied at the University of the Arts, Bremen, between 2002 and 2008. Since graduating she has exhibited across the world including in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey, USA and India. Her recent works “Room 125” was exhibited in a solo show at Galerie Mitte in Bremen in 2021. She has been awarded numerous awards including Lucie Photo Book Prize (finalist), German Photo Book Prize (silver) and Vonovia Award für Fotografie (winner).

About the book:
Anja Engelke has fulfilled a dream with her work Room 125: the dream of inhabiting a picture, or, more precisely, of moving into a photograph and making changes to its content. As its starting point, Engelke’s unusual photography project used the artwork Room 125 by the American artist Stephen Shore. In 1973 he traveled through the United States to document his everyday experiences and his homeland in photographs. The picture is of the photographer’s hotel room, framed to show only his legs and feet on the bed. Forty-five years later, Engelke reconstructed the photo in her own home and documented her life inside the photo of Room 125, creating a literal tableau vivant.

Book title: Room 125
Photographer: Anja Engelke
Text author: David Campany
Design: Bianca Holtschke, Bremen
Publisher: Kerber Verlag
17 × 22 cm, 56 pages
25 colored illustrations
October 2020
German & English
EUR 28.00


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Anja Engelke, Room 125
Room 125; Anja Engelke - Cover
Anja Engelke, “About my Project Room 125,” video statement
Anja Engelke, “About Making the Book,” video statement